Car Detailing Services by Alpha Detailing

Professional Paintwork Protection

Alpha Detailing offers a full range of car detailing services, from our very popular “New Car” service to give your new car that added level of protection that it doesn’t leave the showroom with, through to our Paint Correction service to remove unsightly surface scuffs, bird stains and swirl marks.

Maintenance Detail

Car maintenance detailing is one of our most popular services, giving your vehicle a refresh

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New Car Protection

This is ideal for clients that have a new vehicle who would like all exterior aspects of the vehicle protected against the elements

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Protection Detail

To boost the clarity of your paint work adding gloss and slickness, whilst giving protection against the natural elements. Ideal for those who do not require a correction detail but want protection lasting up to 8 months.

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Gloss Enhancement

This gloss enhancement detail is the most popular desired service which is ideal for removing light scratches, swirls, marring, holograms and bird lime etchings.

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Minor Paint Correction

To remove light swirls and scratches, oxidation and dull and murky paintwork, bird dropping etchings and random deep scratches caused by poor washing methods.

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Major Paint Correction

For slightly older, well used cars that require more correction work to eliminate their past, or for the client who wants their car to be restored to showroom condition.

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The Alpha Detail

For perfectionists looking for the ultimate car care package, this service ensures every area of your vehicle is cleaned, polished and protected to the highest possible standard. It includes a multi-layer paint protection application, full interior, wheel-off detail glass treatment and engine bay detail.

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