Minor Paint Correction

A 2 Stage Machine polish is given to take out light swirls and scratches, oxidation and dull and murky paintwork, bird dropping etchings and random deep scratches that are caused by poor washing methods.


Stage 1: removal of the above defects with a chosen combination of cutting pads and compounds to achieve up to 80% correction.


Stage 2: Refining of the paintwork to achieve the highest possible level of gloss prior to being protected.

What’s included in the service.

  • Wheels are washed from front to back with a non acidic cleanser and using a selection of soft brushes.
  • Arches and lower half of the car is treated with a Ph neutral snow foam which clings to the bodywork drawing the dirt away and allowing the cleaning of all panel gaps, then rinsed.
  • The rest of the cars bodywork is treated with the Ph neutral snow foam and cleansed including all panel gaps, door, boot and bonnet shuts and badges, then rinsed.
  • The whole car is the washed using the two bucket method and then rinsed, tar deposits and iron fallout are chemical removed
  • The car is then clayed to remove the last of all contaminants, such as road tar, tree sap, industrial fallout, making the bodywork perfectly smooth and glass like.
  • Every panel is checked and recorded with a paint depth gauge, to ascertain the level of paint on the vehicle. All plastic, lights, badges, bright work, door handles and shuts are masked to ensure areas are not contaminated by any compound used.
  • The car is then polished using a number of machine polishers  and a combination of pads and compounds to remove swirls, light and scratches, buffer trails, sanding marks and bird etchings from the vehicles paintwork resulting in 70-80% correction.
  • The cars paintwork is treated to a complete ipa wipe down. This is to ensure that the panels are perfectly clean prior to any protective product used.
  • The bodywork is then protected with Titan HyperQuartz Carbon Coating
  • Tyres and wheel arches are dressed.
  • All brightwork is cleaned and protected.
  • Exterior glass is cleaned.
  • Interior is valeted, and interior glass is cleaned

Time taken – 3-4 days



Minor Paint Correction + Titan HyperQuartz Carbon Coating -certified detailer only (5 year warranty)

  • Small vehicles: £760 (Audi A1, fiat 500, Mini)
  • Medium vehicles: £810 (Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, VW Golf)
  • Large vehicles: £860 (Audi A7, BMW 5-Series, Mercedes E-Class)
  • Extra Large vehicles: £910 (Range Rover Sport, Audi Q7, 4×4)


  • Add ons

    • wheel refurbishment from £70 per wheel (prices vary on size & finish)
    • wheels Off detail £180
    • Titan Hyperglass £50
    • Interior detail and protection £150