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The Alpha Detail

For perfectionists looking for the ultimate car care package, this service ensures every area of your vehicle is cleaned, polished and protected to the highest possible standard. It includes a multi-layer paint protection application, full interior, wheel-off detail glass treatment and an engine bay detail.

What’s included in the service.

  • Wheels and wheel arches are deep cleaned
  • Door shuts and engine bay are cleaned
  • Pre rinse and snow foam.
  • The whole car is then washed using the two bucket method and then rinsed.
  • Tar deposits and iron fallout are chemically removed.
  • The car is then clayed to remove the last of all contaminants.
  • The car is then blown dry to ensure no moisture is left on the surface.
  • Engine bay is cleaned and dressed
  • Wheels are taken off and cleaned again
  • Wheel arches are cleaned and coated
  • Suspension components are cleaned
  • Brake callipers are polished and coated
  • Every panel is checked and recorded with a paint depth gauge, to ascertain the level of paint on the vehicle. All plastic, lights, badges, bright work, door handles and shuts are masked to ensure areas are not contaminated by any compound used.
  • The car is then polished using a number of machine polishers and a combination of pads and compounds to remove swirls, light and deep scratches, buffer trails, sanding marks and bird etchings from the vehicles paintwork resulting in up to 95% correction.
  • The cars paintwork is treated to a complete ipa wipe down. This is to ensure that the panels are perfectly clean prior to any protective product used.
  • Exhaust pipes polished and protected
  • The bodywork is then protected with the chosen product.
  • Tyres dressed.
  • All brightwork is cleaned and protected.
  • Exterior glass is polished to remove any staining and prevues coating prior to rain repellent being applied .
  • All cloth interior is wet vacced to remove odours and stains, and then protected with Gtechniq i1
  • All leather is deep cleaned and protected with Gtechniq i1
  • Interior glass is cleaned


The car is given a final check over before it is ready to leave.



Please contact us on 07854045924 to discuss your requirements.