Wheels Off Detail

The wheels-off detail is for those who want the hard to reach areas deep cleaned and protected.  The suspension components and wheel arches are often the dirtiest parts of the car, so this service ensures these areas are thoroughly cleaned and preventing brake dust build up and contaminants from weathering any parts.

What’s included in the price?

  • After an extensive wash process, the car is moved inside and each wheel is taken off and cleaned for the last time prior to being protected with a selected wheel coating
  • Suspension and all visible, reachable components are cleaned
  • Wheel arches are deep cleaned
  • Tar deposits are removed
  • Permanent plastic and trim restorer is applied
  • Brake callipers are throughly cleaned
  • The suspension, wheel arches and brake callipers are coated
  • Wheels are put back onto the car

Time taken – 1 day