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New Car Protection

This is ideal for clients that have a new vehicle who would like all exterior aspects protected against the elements.
Car dealerships offer polymer sealants, promising high levels of shine and durability. In reality, the preparation of your vehicle and application of these products is almost always sub-contracted to on-site valeters, many of whom are inadequately trained and typically rushing to meet targets. The results can be disappointing as well as potentially costly to rectify.
We offer a comprehensive detailing service that is guaranteed to the highest standard – this is something that you are less likely to receive from any car dealership.


What’s included in the service.

  • Wheels deep cleaned with Ph Neutral fall out remover and soft brushes
  • Door shuts and arches are cleansed
  • Full snow foam pre rinse followed by safe wash process, using the two bucket method
  • Tar and Iron deposits chemically removed
  • Dried using microfibre cloths
  •  vehicle dryer is then used to blow out any remaining water from all crevices insuring the vehicle is completely dry
  • Any last oils or residues are removed with an ipa wipe down prior to machine polishing
  • Single stage machine polish to remove any defects, swirling or marring
  • Titan HyperQuartz applied to paintwork.
  • Titan Hyperglass  applied to Glass to aid water sheeting and beading
  • Protection applied to all rubbers and plastics to prevent staining and discolouration.
  • Titan PX Leather shield applied to leather seats and trim
  • Exhausts polished and Titan applied to prevent soot build up.
  • Tyres and wheel arches are dressed


Time taken – 2 days



New Car Protection with HyperQuartz Carbon Coating – TITAN Accredited use only (5 year warranty)

    • Small vehicles: £490 (Audi A1, fiat 500, Mini)
    • Medium vehicles: £560 (Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, VW Golf)
    • Large vehicles: £600 (Audi A7, BMW 5-Series, Mercedes E-Class)
    • Extra Large vehicles: £650 (Range rover sport, vogue, Audi Q7, 4×4)


    Add ons

    • wheel refurbishment from £70 per wheel (prices vary on size & finish)
    • wheels Off detail £180
    • Titan Hyperglass £50
    • Interior detail and protection £150